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April 20, 2022

Coaching Call #4 | Canyons 100K Final Preparations

Coaching Call #4 | Canyons 100K Final Preparations

It is Canyons 100K race week and this is the 4th installment in our "Coaching Call" mini series, which premiered in January. Over the last 4 months, Ryan Ghelfi (trailsandtarmac.com) and I have been publicly recording our monthly coaching calls so that you can follow the leadup to my race, get insight into a typical athlete-coach relationship in ultrarunning, and hopefully pick up some tips and tricks for your own training.
 In this episode, we recap the last 6 weeks of training, discuss the final preparations during race week,  strategy for the early and later stages of the race, some of the news aspects of the race this year including the relationship with UTMB, and we conclude with a little bit of speculation for the competitive side of the event.

 - (0:14) - Race week, Canyons 100K media hype
- (1:51) - Starting the race too hard
- (3:36) - Whether there is any logic to starting a race at an unsustainable pace
- (5:56) - The benefits of executing training long runs at race-specific effort
- (14:28) - Update on the last 6 weeks of training
- (16:13) - Whether relatively limited vert this training block has been an issue
- (22:40) - Best practices coaching athletes during a race week
- (26:16) - Expected course conditions and whether adjustments will be made
- (29:11) - First half race strategy
- (39:09) - Second half race strategy
- (42:14) - The benefits of running conservatively for the majority of the race
- (46:12) - Canyons becoming a UTMB race
- (49:07) - Canyons gear policy
- (52:59) - Race speculation, predictions


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