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April 28, 2022

Adam Peterman | Canyons 100K Recap, Western States Decision, Rise In The Sport

Adam Peterman | Canyons 100K Recap, Western States Decision, Rise In The Sport
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Adam Peterman is a professional trail runner for Hoka based in Missoula, MT.

This past weekend, Adam set a new course record at the Canyons 100K in Auburn, CA. In addition to race analysis and reflection on the big decision he has to make this week either accepting entry to Western States or instead focusing on UTMB-CCC later this summer, we discuss many aspects of his background, overall running life, and rapid ascension in the sport of mountain ultra trail running.


  • (2:41) - what it's like having a partner who is also an accomplished trail runner
  • (4:56) - working with and being mentored by Mike Foote over the years
  • (7:56) - whether he would ever consider full-time ultrarunning
  • (10:53) - motivations for getting into ultrarunning following career at UC Boulder
  • (13:14) - whether he is influencing friends in the road and track ranks to convert
  • (16:07) - why he went under the radar in 2019 and 2020 despite sub ultra trail running success
  • (19:06) - whether he intended to race Canyons from start to finish
  • (20:13) - whether he expected to share miles with fellow front runners
  • (23:46) - whether he practices mental skills in the leadup to races
  • (28:32) - biggest takeaways from Canyons 100K experience
  • (30:18) - how he think about moving up in race distance
  • (32:53) - whether he is leaning towards Western States or CCC right now
  • (34:57) - whether he will race in a similar style at these future events
  • (37:30) - which race (WSER or CCC) best suits his skillset
  • (41:52) - whether he anticipated all this success when he first entered the sport
  • (43:09) - whether he thinks a lot about being the best, being one of the best
  • (45:47) - envisioning a Strava segment world tour
  • (46:58) - what the next few years might look like for Adam
  • (49:13) - going for a road marathon PB at some point
  • (51:11) - his "why" for ultrarunning


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